Here’s a fun bonus from our Lost Roles interview with Rob Huebel: photos he sent over from the failed FX pilot USS Alabama. Here’s what he has to say about that show that almost was:

I did a pilot with Tom Lennon and Ben Garant for FX, called U.S.S. Alabama, which was a funny Star Trek, basically… There’s a lot of cool funny people in that. Chris Tallman, Alex Fernie, Eddie Izzard… My bit in that was that I was this sniper. They were on a diplomatic mission, going around the galaxy to spread peace, but I think the gist of it was their ship looked like a warship so they just kept starting all these fights with all these other alien cultures. So, everywhere they went, they would just cause chaos and mayhem, but accidentally because they were diplomats.

My part, even in the pilot, I was this super-badass sniper guy that wore muscle T-shirts and a green beret-type beret but mine was black and pretty tight pants. That was the main reason I wanted that show to go is that I had a pretty cool outfit… My bit was that I get killed in the first five minutes of the show. Like the whole first five minutes is building me up, like how psyched they are to have me on the trip. I’m gonna protect them because I’m such a badass that I had multiple kills in so many wars. It’s all about how psyched they are about me, and I get fuckin’ obliterated in the first five minutes. That was my part in the pilot. The idea was that if the show went, they could travel back in time. I could still be in more episodes if they wanted me to ‘cause they could travel back in time before I was killed. They could find like a twin of me. You know, it’s sci-fi, so they could figure out a way to have me in it if they wanted me to. They loved the idea of building me up as this Rambo-type guy that just gets cut down in the first couple minutes of the show and then they didn’t know what to do.

There are plenty more great stories like this in the full interview!

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